VIDEO: Patriots' Bill Belichick Leaves Press Conference After Several Questions About Antonio Brown

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was bold enough to make a move for controversial receiver Antonio Brown, but is apparently not brave enough to stand up to the media and answer questions about Brown. For the second time in as many weeks, Belichick was blitzed with a flurry of questions about Brown and the countless allegations he's facing. Once again, Belichick stormed off and refused to respond to any questions about AB.

Belichick's shitck of not giving the media anything he doesn't feel is necessary can be irritating to some, but this goes way beyond irritating and comes off as weak.

As talented and game-changing a player as Brown is, he came to New England with baggage, and everyone around the league knew this. If Belichick was expecting that these accusations and concerns would blow over or become a non-issue simply because he decreed it or did not want to make mention of it, that's incredibly short-sighted from the Hall of Fame coach.

Sorry bud, but the media has a responsibility to follow up on stories like this, and Belichick isn't going to be able to hide from these questions, no matter how much he tries.