VIDEO: Padres Pull off Excellent Prank on Visiting Red Sox Fans Sunday With 'Sweet Caroline' Troll

For just one brief second, it seemed the San Diego Padres were being nice, acknowledging the fact that their home crowd was deeply outnumbered by Red Sox Nation at this late August affair. It seemed as if they were throwing Boston a bone. dice. Just when the chorus of "Sweet Caroline" was about to hit for an eighth-inning singalong, Sox fans were left...wanting more, instead being treated to a Rick Roll right out of 2006.

Come on, don't boo! It's a compliment! They're just saying that you're never gonna give up your Sox, even when they're on a late-campaign Cali swing!

Ahh, I can't keep a straight face. They were trolling you, Beantown. You just won another World Series and Super Bowl. Sometimes, that means you must be forced to take exactly one joke.

Even Boston's beat writers were fooled, working themselves up into a troll-ish state of their own over the sparse San Diego attendance before you say... "got".

Not bad, Gaslamp Quarter.