VIDEO: Packers Fan Creates Compilation of Aaron Rodgers Answering The Doubters With Dominant 2019

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of Aaron Rodgers' death have been greatly exaggerated. Plenty of media talking heads were ready to declare Rodgers dead in the water after a slow start to the season and a playoff-less year in 2018, but he has more than silenced the haters, throwing 13 touchdowns against only two picks and leading the Green Bay Packers to a 6-1 record. One Packers fan marked the occasion by stitching together a ton of clips of media members declaring No. 12 washed-- followed by Rodgers' best throws of the year. It may as well be film from his MVP season.

Despite missing Davante Adams for a significant period of time, Rodgers has the Packers competing for the title of best team in the NFC. In fact, if new coach Matt LaFleur decided to run the ball once on the one yard like against the Eagles rather than throw it six times, there is a good chance that Rodgers is 7-0.

He's still got his trademark off-schedule brilliance, as well as his unmatched ability to go down the field.

Rodgers is back to playing fun, energetic football. The last time we saw the man at this level, Green Bay ended up getting a ring out of the whole affair.