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VIDEO: Ozzie Albies Hilariously Takes Jean Segura's Hand off the Bag After Stolen Base

Ozzie Albies takes Jean Segura's hand off bag after stolen base on Wednesday.

With the 2019 MLB season in its final month of the regular season, and teams will go to whatever lengths necessary in order to win games. Perhaps nobody epitomizes that more than Ozzie Albies of the Atlanta Braves. During Atlanta's game against the rival Philadelphia Phillies, Jean Segura stole second base, just barely avoiding a tag by Albies. After being declared safe, Albies jokingly takes Segura's hand off the bag and tags him, with the intent of "tagging him out."

No, it didn't count, in case you were wondering. But Ozzie Albies gets an A for effort on this attempt.

The two middle infielders had a good laugh over the incident, but in the end Segura was awarded with his 11th stolen base of the year.