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VIDEO: Overlay of Jack Flaherty's Curveball and Fastball is Ridiculous

Jack Flaherty's curveball and fastball is utterly ridiculous.

With the St. Louis Cardinals in winner-take-all territory in Game 5 of the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday, the Red Birds named stud pitcher Jack Flaherty the starter to help guide them to victory. Flaherty's arsenal contains a nasty curveball and ridiculous fastball and he had Braves batters fooled all night. Just look at the following overlay of both pitches, coming at the expense of the Braves.


As it turns out, the Cardinals didn't really need Flaherty for Game 5, as their batting order knocked in 10 RUNS IN THE FIRST INNING. Oh, and none of those runs came via a homer.

With the Cardinals firmly etching their spot in the NLCS, either the Los Angeles Dodgers or Washington Nationals will have to deal with Jack Flaherty, who will be dicing up hitters with the incredible movement on his curve.