VIDEO: Ottawa's Scott Sabourin Appears to Get Knocked Out After Collision With Bruins' David Backes

There was a scary moment in the Boston Bruins matchup with the Senators, as Ottawa forward Scott Sabourin collided hard with Bruins center David Backes and was knocked out cold for a couple of minutes. The game was stopped immediately and Ottawa's medical staff ran onto the ice to help the downed skater.

As you can see in the replay, which is shown at the 1:28 mark of the video above, Sabourin and Backes collide and the former knocked his head on the ice when he landed.

Thankfully, later reports indicated that Sabourin was able to regain consciousness after a minute or two and the 27-year-old even gave the stunned crowd a thumbs-up as he was stretchered off the ice.

Best wishes to Sabourin on a speedy recovery from a likely stint on the injury list. Meanwhile, the Senators and Bruins are tied up at 1-1 neat the end of the first period.