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VIDEO: Ole Miss Loses Egg Bowl on Missed XP After WR Elijah Moore Screws Rebels With Unsportsmanlike Penalty on TD

Ole Miss WR Elijah Moore
Ole Miss WR Elijah Moore

In this week's episode of "What in the Hell Are You Doing?", Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore is your star. During the Egg Bowl between the Rebels and Mississippi State Bulldogs, Moore scored what everyone thought would be a game-tying touchdown with just seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. However, his TD celebration yielded an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty...

...and Ole Miss' kicker botched the extra point, which would have tied the game. They lost 21-20. Yep, turning a 20-yard kick into a 35-yard one isn't exactly going to help out the cause.

You can't blame the kicker there. He was dealt a hand he wasn't expecting.

As for the larger picture -- is this the kind of silliness we should be expecting to see from the bottom of the SEC? Is the best college football conference in the country becoming more top-heavy by the day?