VIDEO: Old Cocky Alex Bregman Clip Sure Says a Lot About Astros' Alleged Sign Stealing

Three things, right from the jump: Stealing signs is fine. Stealing signs using cameras is not. Acting like you're some superior genius because you stole signs using cameras is embarrassing. In case it wasn't already clear why the entire baseball world wants to see the Houston Astros' empire crumble (Empire! LOL, they've won one World Series - ed. note), this Alex Bregman post-gamer from the 2018 playoffs should clear it up for you. Watch him squirm, barely able to contain his joy, before blurting out that he may have socked a dinger because he was looking for the exact pitch he got.

Ooh, big, strong man. Ooh, cool guy. Damn, this guy is cool!

It's one thing to have the other team's signals. It's another to walk to the podium after a postseason win, one step closer to ruining another team's entire season, wearing a "We Have Your Signals" shirt that says "What Are You Gonna Do? Nobody Cares" on the back.

Look at the guy! Everything he said in that interview is red flaggy as hell, but he delivers the line with all the confidence and brashness of someone who knows the league won't investigate.

Well, uh...sorry, Alex! We'll learn a lot more about what you couldn't resist telling us last year in the coming weeks and months.