VIDEO: OJ Simpson Posts Response to Antonio Brown Allegations and Asks for Caution From NFL Fans

OJ Simpson talks about Antonio Brown's rape allegations...and his fantasy football team.

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown continues to dominate the headlines in the NFL. After forcing his way off of the Oakland Raiders and onto the Patriots, many thought that would be the end of the AB drama. That ended real quick, as his former personal trainer, Britney Taylor, alleged that Brown sexually assaulted and raped her on three separate occasions. This will be yet another thing to follow for, and OJ Simpson decided to share his thoughts on the whole situation with a Twitter video on Tuesday night.

After talking a minute straight about his fantasy football team, Simpson finally revealed his thoughts on the allegations made against Brown. The former NFL running back stresses to his followers that Brown has not been charged on these three incidents, but accused.

The NFL world will be following the Brown saga (as they've done so for the past month), and you best believe that Simpson will share his thoughts as more updates are revealed.

But not before telling you the status of his fantasy football team...because priorities.