VIDEO: New Jersey HS Basketball Coach Allegedly Attacked by His Own Players After Intervening in Bullying Incident

These four students beat up their coach
These four students beat up their coach

A junior varsaity basketball coach at Malcolm X. Shabazz high school in Newark, N.J. appears to be the victim of a brutal assault by members of his own team. According to reports, four students were picking on another member of the team when the coach stepped in to try and break it up. The four students in question were later captured on video beating that coach, which included several punches, kicks and stomps to his head.

"The actions of these students will not be tolerated, and they don't represent the majority of the school," Newark mayor Ras Baraka said. "The school and team have many great kids, who go on to college and do great things, and we're proud of them."

The school has since suspended the four students involved in the brawl, and it is expected that criminal charges will be pursued for the students involved.

The video shows pretty clearly that the students were in the wrong here. To give the adults at the high school credit, they swiftly stepped in and punished the offenders in an attempt to limit the blowback that will come as a result of this ugly video.