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VIDEO: Nationals Partied Hard in Luxury Box and Capitals Locker Room at Capital One Arena on Sunday

When you win your first world championship in franchise history, you have every right to party like a lunatic. That's exactly what the Washington Nationals have done across the last week or so, and those shenanigans began on Saturday during their World Series parade. But it was far from ending there.

They continued on into Sunday evening, as Dave Martinez's club was going absolutely buck wild during the second intermission of the Capitals-Flames game at Capital One Arena.

But that wasn't enough. Shortly thereafter, the Nationals celebrations continued in a luxury box. In case you were wondering, yes, they were still shirtless at this point.

If it wasn't confirmed before, it certainly is now: DC knows how to party! Given how hard they were going this weekend, it's time to start wondering if they're immune to hangovers.

Perhaps they are, but it's also likely the World Series high is helping them push through.

Something tells us that the Nationals won't stop celebrating until Spring Training rolls around in March, and we have NO qualms with that concept because they treated baseball fans with one of the most memorable postseason runs in the history of the sport.