VIDEO: Nationals' Anthony Rendon Throws Bat in Disgust on Home Run After Thinking He Popped Out

The Nationals can do no wrong in Sunday's clash against the Milwaukee Brewers. The team promptly chased Chase Anderson off the mound, lighting him up for 10 earned runs in just two innings, and reliever Aaron Wilkerson didn't have much better a go of things, subsequently serving up back-to-back home runs to Juan Soto and Anthony Rendon. What's odd, however, is that Rendon flipped the life out of his bat after hitting his blast (in a 13-0 game), but it appears to have been a mistake.

Rendon, not typically one to gloat, flipped his bat pretty viciously off to the side after making contact with the pitch.

While you would typically assume he was celebrating his 27th homer of the year, it seems more like Rendon thought he had hit a fly ball and was actually angry with himself.

He looked extremely upset with himself on initial contact, but once he realized the ball would clear the fence, he looked over at his teammates in shock, and you can tell he felt a bit guilty about heaving his lumber.

Clearly Rendon wasn't trying to take a shot at the Brewers during the blowout. The classy third baseman simply made an honest mistake, albeit a savage one.

Rendon reportedly said something to Eric Thames while rounding the bases, what we can only assume was an apology for the accidental antics.

Even without trying, the Nationals third baseman continues to be one of the most ruthless players in baseball.