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VIDEO: MMA Fighter BJ Penn Gets Knocked Out by Random Guy in Hawaii Bar Fight

Well this certainly isn't a good look, especially for someone in his profession. MMA fighter BJ Penn was involved in a bar fight in Hawaii after he felt as though a man had been following and taunting him. The two decided to throw hands, with Penn inviting his supposed aggressor to throw the first punch. Unfortunately for him, he landed it, sending the MMA fighter stumbling to the ground knocked out cold.

It's never good for an MMA fighter's brand when they're taking knockout blows from everyday people at a bar.

But when Penn came to, he apparently felt that he hadn't had enough and he actually went back after the man who put him on the concrete. He tackled him from behind and absolutely unleashed his rage.

Revenge is apparently a dish best served with a side of knuckles.

So as far as all of this goes, Penn got absolutely embarrassed by a man who was hemming and hawing at him all night, and when he finally came back to his senses, he tackled him from behind in order to exact vengeance. All in a night's work.