VIDEO: Mississippi State Defender Exposes Joe Burrow's Butt After Dragging Him Down By His Pants

Well, this is certainly one way to bring a quarterback down. During LSU's battle with Mississippi State, Joe Burrow faced some pressure from an opposing defender. And rather than wrap him up and force him to the ground, the defender, Chauncey Rivers, attempted to get a grip on Burrow's pants. And a strong grip it was, as Burrow tried to wriggle free, the lineman was stretching his pants, and his bare butt was exposed on national television.

Burrow was clearly aware that his backside was hanging out for all to see because he pretty much gave up on trying to elude the defender and instead began focusing on pulling his pants back up.

Sorry, Joe, you couldn't cover up in time for the cameras.

Who knew John David Booty was back in the college ranks?

Yep, even NFL players noticed Burrow's rear end on their TV screens. Former LSU running back Derrius Guice, currently with the Redskins, called out the Tigers QB on Twitter after witnessing the hilarious exchange.

And if you were oddly seeking a closer-up view of this odd sack, well, of course the internet has you covered.

This certainly wasn't how the play was drawn up for LSU, and exposing Burrow's butt ended up putting the play to rest early as he was forced to go down in order to cover up.