VIDEO: Miles Mikolas Mocks Juan Soto by Adjusting Cup in Critical At-Bat During NLCS Game 1

There's just something about the Cardinals' pitchers and their love of the "unwritten rules" of baseball that seems to be coming to the surface this postseason. First it was Carlos Martinez criticizing Ronald Acuña Jr., and now Miles Mikolas is the one picking weird fights with rising Nationals superstar Juan Soto. The two engaged in a bizarre cup adjustment battle during Game 1 of the NLCS, with Mikolas ultimately getting the last laugh. Take a look for yourself:

Soto is known for pawing at his groin throughout at-bats and doing pretty much anything else he can to get into the head of the pitcher. Unphased, however, Mikolas got him out in a key situation, and when Soto turned to him at the end of the inning, he returned the gesture.

That's right, two professional baseball players are literally sparring over cup adjustments. In the playoffs. That's a thing. To Soto's credit, he handled it professionally. He acknowledged that Mikolas won the at-bat and therefore won the right to dish his own antics right back at him.

Needless to say, though, it'll be must-see television every time Soto steps to the plate now. He's clearly in the heads of the Cardinals, and that could lead to some fireworks out on the field.