VIDEO: Mike McCarthy Already Has a Mock Coaching Staff Assembled Ahead of Potential NFL Return

Mike McCarthy is primed and ready to get back to coaching
Mike McCarthy is primed and ready to get back to coaching /

Former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy hasn't lost his passion for the game during his sabbatical from the sideline. In fact, his interest in getting back in the ring is stronger than ever, as evidenced by a new NFL Network feature. McCarthy has assembled an whole mock coaching staff to go over film and review play-calling trends with a level of commitment and grind that suggests he may as well still be employed.

McCarthy, who went 143-87-2 with a Super Bowl ring in Green Bay, appears to have totally reinvented his playbook, which could go some ways towards erasing the unceremonious end of his tenure with the Packers.

McCarthy almost had a job lined up after he was let go in Green Bay, as the New York Jets brought him in for an interview before ultimately giving the job to Adam Gase.

They may be regretting that decision.

One of the criticisms of McCarthy was that his offense was too simplistic and that he was unwilling to adjust to fit the modern NFL. If he truly has turned over a new leaf and will come prepared with a more innovative offense this time around, every team with a head coach opening should be breaking down McCarthy's door in an attempt to get him to join them.