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VIDEO: Mike Maccagnan Tried to Tell Mike Francesa Reports of His Impending Demise Weren't True

There's nothing more fundamental in the sports world than an organization that can't get out of its own way, and today, all eyes were fixed on the perplexing New York Jets. As the NFL continues to make sense of the team's choice to fire GM Mike Maccagnan, video has resurfaced of the exec trying to tell Mike Francesca that reports of his job security being in doubt were simply false. For the record, this was two weeks ago:

It's truly sad listening to Maccagnan peddle the idea that everyone was on the same page at Jets HQ. It's more than certain they were not.

Francesca also warns the listening audience to "take [Mike] Lombardi with a grain of salt," suggesting that the NFL insider and former front office staffer's report about the rift between Maccagnan and Jets ownership was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

As we found out through the team's choice to show Maccagnan the door on Wednesday, things weren't peachy behind closed doors.

Nice try, though.