VIDEO: Mike Francesa Freaking Out After Phillies' Walk-off Home Run Against Mets is Pure Gold

Earlier this afternoon, the Mets suffered one of the most Mets-y losses of their embarrassing 2019 campaign. Closer Edwin Diaz came into finish out the game after New York broke a shutout in the ninth inning and had a 3-1 lead... only to give up 5 RUNS in the bottom half to blow the game in humiliating fashion. The loss was nearly impossible to swallow for the entire Metropolitan fan base, but perhaps nobody took the L worse than famed New York sports radio host Mike Francesa, who erupted upon witnessing Jean Segura's walk-off 3-run blast.


Francesca has delivered some epic rants in his illustrious career behind the mic, and this one should be right up there in the Pantheon, no questions asked.

“FIRE ALL OF ‘EM! DON’T EVEN BRING ‘EM BACK TO NEW YORK!” Francesa fumed. “Let the bus go the other way! Bullpen’s shot, team’s shot, management’s shot, the pitching strategist, whoever knows what he does in the first place? Take the bus, instead of them going north on the turnpike, send them south and let the ’69 Mets suit up!”

You know it's as bad as ever when Francesca is calling for the 1969 Amazins to take the field.

Truth be told, he is just speaking the words that are going through the heartbroken minds of everybody in Queens. Honestly, how would you feel after your club got swept in a potential season-altering series during which they held a late-inning lead in all four games against their division rivals?

Your 2019 New York Mets, ladies and gentlemen.

Back aftah this.