VIDEO: Max Scherzer Has Savage Response to Justin Verlander Over Juiced Balls

On Monday, Justin Verlander made some brazen and profane claims about the widely popular suspicions that Major League Baseball is juicing their balls to increase offensive numbers. And even though the former MVP has allowed a league-high 26 home runs thus far in 2019, just four shy of his career-high for a season, most would agree that it's not typical of him to blame his underwhelming stats on factors outside of his control. Well, Max Scherzer was asked about the juiced ball concept ahead of Monday's Home Run Derby and his response was a blatant shot at the Astros' ace.

"We can all see the ball is definitely traveling differently," said the three-time Cy Young. "The commissioner has even come out and said so. The drag is just different. Yeah, the ball's different. But you can't cry about it. You gotta go out there and pitch. I'm not gonna cry about it. Our hitters get to hit with it."

Let the beef commence! This personifies Mad Max's killer mindset that's been prominent in him becoming the best pitcher of his generation.

Not only does the seven-time All-Star not let colossal black eyes hinder his pitching excellence, but he swiftly dismisses the idea of making excuses in a year where they would probably be validated.

Is there a Verlander clap-back looming in our future?