VIDEO: Max Muncy Reveals Perfect Comeback He Yelled at Madison Bumgarner While Rounding Bases

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy crushed a mammoth home run into McCovey Cove to provide the singular run during the Dodgers' 1-0 win at Oracle Park on Sunday. That home run led to Bumgarner verbally chewing Muncy out for standing and admiring his home run, taking his sweet time running the bases. During this brief verbal spat, we could see the two going back and forth, jawing for the duration of the trot. So what was that all about? Let Muncy explain.

Yes, after the game, Muncy revealed that he had destroyed Bumgarner once again with a pretty savage comeback.

Now that's how you do it, Max. You hit a ball out of a stadium and into a body of water, you get to say whatever you want.

It appears that Bumgarner is also in that small, yet still vocal minority of pitchers more peeved that Muncy had the audacity to admire a titanic home run for two seconds than he is at himself for giving the home run up.

Muncy unloaded on a Bumgarner meatball, the Dodgers won, and Muncy further twisted the knife in the postgame interview. Max Muncy 3, Madison Bumgarner 0.