VIDEO: Matt Schnell Earns 1st Triangle Choke Finish in Flyweight History at UFC Newark

Nothing like a little MMA highlight-reel to sprinkle into Saturday afternoon's slate of baseball contests. Flyweight's Jordan Espinosa and Matt Schnell squared off at UFC Newark and fans were hoping to witness a competitive melee. Well, they observed anything but that, as Schnell forced Espinosa to tap out upon locking his legs around his foe's neck, marking the second fastest submission in the history of the Flyweight Division.

That's right, folks. The fight lasted all of 1 minute and 23 seconds.

Espinosa probably thought he was in good hands upon getting Schnell to the ground, but Danger's floor-game is amongst the best in the competition. The neck-lock is virtually in-escapable and as a result, Schnell improved to 15-4, including nine submissions, for his career.