VIDEO: Marlins OF Austin Dean Shows off Arm With Awesome Trick Shot With Beer Can

During the Miami Marlins 6-4 loss to the Washington Nationals on Friday night, a few fans got innovative in the left field bleachers by constructing a massive beer can pyramid. The buffs subsequently found themselves pleading for outfielder Austin Dean to take out their creation with a baseball in between innings. He ultimately caved and gave the fans a moment they probably won't ever forget. Watch Dean effortlessly knock off the TOP can while not sending any others out of place:

Is it intrusive to call this the highlight of the Marlins season? The sheer difficulty in what Dean pulled off on Friday cannot be understated. If you were to gather a plethora of MLB's best outfielders, we guarantee almost all of them wouldn't be able to offset the top can on its own in their first attempt.

Take a bow, Austin Dean.