VIDEO: Markelle Fultz Was Taking Jumpers in Orlando and His Shot No Longer Looks Broken

Any small amount of progress could mean the world to Markelle Fultz, who has battled injuries, the media, and most notably the changing form of his jump shot since being selected with the first overall pick in 2017. Well, after being traded to the Orlando Magic, Fultz has been hard at work trying to get his career back on track. And it looks like his effort is paying off, as a video taken from the Magic's practice facility featured Fultz knocking down jumpers with ease.

Orlando pledged their faith to Fultz after picking up his $12.3 million option for the season. That decision not only gave the point guard some stability, but also provided a boost of confidence, which he seemed to be severely lacking.

Everyone remembers the odd hitch that seemed to appear overnight in Fultz's jumper, only to plague him throughout his rookie and sophomore year as he tried to work out the kinks. He ended up getting shut down in mid-November with a shoulder injury.

Previously having no timetable for his return, Fultz is now expected to be fully integrated into the Magic's training camp starting on Oct. 1.

While it looks as though Fultz's silky-smooth jumper that he showcased at the University of Washington will never return, the hitch in the upward motion of his new release seems to have minimized significantly.

Regardless what Fultz is able to make of his NBA career, it's incredibly encouraging to see him back on the court and utilizing a jump shot that doesn't look like he glued together the shooting form of five different players.