VIDEO: Marcus Smart Trash Talking Patrick Beverley is Exactly What the NBA Needs

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley is an utterly unique player in the modern NBA. A true junkyard dog that plays like he's chewing a mouth full of thumbtacks, Beverley's intensity and hustle on the court is second to none. The closest parallel across the league is Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, but don't tell that to the man himself. After battling on court this week, the man affectionately known as "Smarf" claimed that he is on "another level" as compared to Beverley.

Smart might be the better offensive player of the two, if only by a small amount, due to the fact he is given more opportunities in Boston's offense than Beverley is in LA's, and he's an excellent defender in his own right. However, Beverley has made a career out of being the league's most annoying pest, perfectly exemplified in the Clippers' 107-104 overtime win.

You can bet that the next time these two meet, Beverley is going to be in Smart's grill for 48 minutes. Even when they're not in the game.

It takes a BOLD man to challenge Beverley, and Smart will need to back those quotes up next time they meet.