VIDEO: Manny Machado Drills Umpire With Line Drive and Somehow Gets a Double Out of it

Manny Machado's doubles are usually frozen ropes or moon shots off the wall that generally give him enough time to mosey and trot on in to second base. But the case was a little bit different on Monday night as the four-time All-Star ripped a liner up the middle that ricocheted off the infield umpire only to land in no-mans land in shallow right field, giving Manny more than enough time to leg out a double.

A tailor-made double play right to second that should've gotten Jhoulys Chacín out of the first inning turns into second-and-third with one out.

But Machado won't care for benefiting from a little bit of luck. It goes down as a double in the scorecard all the same. And for all of those haters that called it a cheap two-baser, Manny got his revenge by homering of Chacin to lead off the third inning.

Yeah, the Padres are probably just fine with their newly-acquired superstar appealing Major League Baseball's one-game suspension for his animated ejection over the weekend.