VIDEO: Madison Bumgarner Proves He's a Man of Few Words With Bruce Bochy Tribute

As Shakespeare once wrote, brevity is the soul of wit. Tight-lipped and unassuming San Francisco Giants starter Madison Bumgarner has certainly taken that musing to heart. While recording a video tribute for Giants manager Bruce Bochy, who will manage his final game before he retires from baseball, Bumgarner has sent him off with this heartfelt message:

Short, snappy, and to the point. Classic MadBum.

Bumgarner, who himself might have played his last game as a Giant given the fact that he has plenty of gas left in the tank, coupled with the Giants looking to rebuild, has never been one to soak in the spotlight or be very talkative, so any grand speech about Bochy's life and career would have seemed a bit odd.

Over the last decade, Bochy and Bumgarner made magic in the Bay, winning three championships in five years. I'm pretty sure that Bochy wouldn't want his ace to memorialize him any other way.