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VIDEO: Luke Voit Takes a Pitch to the Freaking Face and Somehow Stays in the Game


If New York Yankees first baseman Luke Voit isn't the toughest guy in baseball, I'd love to hear who you have ahead of him. If virtually any major league player took a pitch to the face they'd be writhing on the ground in pain and most likely exit the game. Not Voit. A Chad Bettis pitch ran up and in on Voit and clipped him in the mouth, looking like an extremely painful moment that could possibly have resulted in a lengthy IL stint for the first baseman. As for the victim himself? He barely looked phased.

Well, when you're as tough as Voit, a baseball to the face won't keep you out long, if at all.

Not only did Voit stay on his feet, he actually took his base and remained in the ball game, where he scored shortly after from third base on a Gleyber Torres single.