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VIDEO: Loop of Bryce Harper Mashing Walk-Off Grand Slam With John Kruk's Reaction is Amazing

In case you didn't have enough perfection in your life left over from simply watching the Bryce Harper moonshot grand slam over and over again, allow us to present you with this extra dose of joy. Like the Harper swing? Please enjoy 20 seconds of the swing on loop, coupled with John Kruk's emotional, "OH MY GOD!" in tow.

Again, and again, and again...

We're not sure what snuck into Bryce Harper and John Kruk's Wheaties on Thursday, but this all-time tater brought a sweep to the city of Brotherly Love. Part of the joy of the hack is where the ball lands, of course, which this video lacks. But the repeated Kruk squeals do a lot to make up for its absence (and, after all...can anyone really track the baseball properly in the full video, anyway?).

PS, no one was asking for this Tribe Called Quest/Kruk mash, but it also exists.

Monster night for Philly.