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VIDEO: Lenny Dykstra Chronicles Spending a Whole Day Dumpster-Diving for His Lost Dentures

Now here's a riveting story of perseverance. Former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies All-Star Lenny Dykstra lost his dentures at a Jersey Mike's sandwich shop in Linden, N.J. this past weekend, and they ended up getting thrown out. While most people would have been resigned to their fate, "Nails" was determined to recover his lost teeth at any cost. He spent a whole day dumpster-diving for them, and he made sure to document his search with a series of videos on Twitter.

It was a dogged search indeed.

Dykstra and his pal donned their gloves and methodically began their search for the false teeth, leaving no trash unturned.

He paused to give an update on the search from the side of the road, and as he did, he tore through the pile of garbage that was before him on the concrete.

Still, no dice.

But after a lengthy eight-hour wait, the good news finally arrived! Dykstra had found his teeth!

"Nails never fails" is right. Dykstra was ultimately rewarded for his herculean efforts just in time to wish the Twitter world a happy Father's Day.

Let this be a lesson to us all that great effort does not go unrewarded, and a lesson to Dykstra to not leave his false teeth unattended while he's eating.