VIDEO: LeBron James Has Shocking Response to Daryl Morey's Tweet About China Issue in First Comments

The NBA and its players find themselves stuck in between the devil and the deep blue sea with regards to their fractured relationship with the Chinese market in the wake of Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's pro-Hong Kong tweets. LeBron James has thrown his hat into the ring, taking a little bit of a shot at Morey, claiming he wasn't educated about the subject, in his first comments since being called out for being silent on the issue.

This...probably isn't the best response for LeBron here.

While even a no comment would be construed as unpatriotic and pro-China, James publicly going after Morey and claiming that he didn't know what he was talking about is exactly the type response that China would like to hear from the NBA's most recognizable star.

I get it, ripping China could damage the league, Nike, and your bank account. However, a response like this helps no one and is merely making this tense and complex situation even more so.

The best response might just be laying low and letting the media cycle flush this out of the news. Instead, more and more people around the league keep trying to take a middle ground, and end up making the waters even murkier.