VIDEO: Lamar Jackson DM'ed Photographer He Ran Over and Complimented Her Picture of Him

In case you didn't know already, Lamar Jackson is a really nice guy. This was displayed on Sunday after he helped up a photographer he ran over in the Ravens win against the Steelers. But apparently he didn't stop there. He later DM'ed this woman, ensuring she was okay and proceeding to compliment her on taking a freaking sweet photo of him stiff arming TJ Watt.

Jackson's act of kindness has NFL fans buzzing as the Ravens' second-year quarterback is showing off what a good guy he is.

This wasn't Jackson's first act of kindness. Just two summers ago, the Baltimore quarterback participated in five autograph signings to raise $29,000 for charity.

Even if you're not a Ravens fan, it's hard not to root for Jackson to succeed individually. He's shown tremendous growth in just his second year, already throwing 11 touchdowns in just five games. But despite getting more and more national recognition, he looks to be staying true to himself.