VIDEO: Kyrie Irving Comments on Hong Kong-China Dispute After Protestors Come to Nets Preseason Game

The NBA's drama regarding the Hong Kong-China dispute does not appear to be going away anytime soon. During Friday night's Brooklyn Nets preseason game, protestors supporting the Hong Kong cause were sitting courtside, making their presence known. After the game, Nets star Kyrie Irving was asked about the conflict, and responded in typical Irving fashion.

Look...we understand Irving is placed in a tough situation here. Should he make any comment to anger either side, it could very well impact his income. As much as the Association and its stars would like us to think they're above financial persuasion, that's just not true. Everyone has a price.

Irving is, however, stating that he's in favor of protesting, which is at least...something? It's more than LeBron said. It's surely more than any other NBA star has willingly put on the record.

Irving doesn't admit, of course, if he views this conflict as a cause worth pursuing.