VIDEO: Kyle Lowry's Shot Got Blocked by Draymond Green, You Idiots

Kyle Lowry made multiple mistakes down the stretch in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, but he got some undeserved heat on the potential game-winner. Lowry's corner three was tipped by Draymond Green, but fans didn't see it and there was no replay shown. This resulted in an avalanche of jokes unfairly directed toward the Toronto guard.

It's easy to pick on Lowry due to his resume of choke jobs in clutch moments and during the playoffs. And it's fair to criticize him for his late-game turnover and for his missed wide-open three earlier down the stretch. But let's not jump to conclusions so quickly.

Upon further review Green clearly tipped Lowry's shot on the close out. So no, Lowry didn't actually hit the back of the backboard on a wide-open look.

You could criticize Lowry for possibly hesitating on the shot and not getting it off quick enough, but let's not disrespect his game. The All Star guard isn't going to miss that badly on a wide-open look.