VIDEO: Kevin Durant Lookalike Ref is Hilarious

It looks like Kevin Durant has a little bit of a side hustle going as he recovers from his Achilles injury. The new Brooklyn Nets superstar might have a doppelganger roaming around the AAU circuit, as this referee could easily be confused for KD if you looked really quick.

KD might have just signed a four-year, $164 million deal with Brooklyn, but he's still has enough time to be the ref at a few local basketball games here and there. You've got to respect the grind.

Yes, real KD might have a foot on this guy and likely weighs about 40 pounds more than the store brand version here, but the resemblance, especially regarding his face and beard, is frightening.

Considering all of the weird stuff one can see when they walk into a gym hosting an AAU event, a Kevin Durant impersonator calling the game is likely pretty tame and ordinary.