VIDEO: Kemba Walker is Already in the Streets of Boston Interacting With Fans

Kemba Walker has decided to take his talents to the historic city of Boston in free agency, and he isn't wasting any time in getting acclimated to the city. Just one day after agreeing to sign a four-year $141 million max contract with the Celtics, Walker was spotted out in the streets of Boston dressed in Celtics green and interacting with fans.

The fans were obviously excited to welcome their new superstar point guard following the departure of Kyrie Irving, who was less than adored by the passionate fan base upon his exit.

Walker is coming into Boston as part of a quasi-rebuild to get the team back on track as the contenders that they had expected to be prior to last season.

With this goal in mind, the addition of Walker was the right move. He is a guard with the ability to score at high levels while also being able to set up success for his teammates with his passing and court vision.

Along with Walker came big man Enes Kanter to replace the departed Al Horford. As of right now, the Celtics are looking at a strong core in Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, and Jaylen Brown to complete the starting lineup.

The addition of Walker, as well as Kanter, are sure to get the Celtics back where they need to be in league standings for the next few years.