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VIDEO: Julian Edelman Coughs up Fumble and Ravens Take it Back for a 70-Yard TD to Extend Lead

Julian Edelman fumbles on reception, leading to Ravens 70 yard touchdown on Sunday.

The Baltimore Ravens were the New England Patriots' first big challenge on their schedule, and that proved to be the case since kickoff. The Patriots received the ball at the start of the second half after scoring 13 straight points to pull within four. As the Pats were driving, quarterback Tom Brady hit security blanket Julian Edelman on a short passing play. But as Edelman tried to elude a number of defenders, he fumbled the ball, which allowed Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey to scoop it up and take it 70 yards to the house.

When do you see the Patriots making these types of mistakes? Typically these are reserved for their opponents. Looks like the tables have turned on Sunday night.