VIDEO: Jon Gruden's Face After Daniel Carlson's Horribly Missed FG in Raiders-Chiefs is Priceless

The Oakland Raiders had a chance to at least avoid heading into halftime without points when kicker Daniel Carlson lined up for a 44-yard field goal. But of course, the football gods are cruel and denied them the three points. In fact, they tormented the Raiders. Carlson failed miserably on the kick, shanking it way left of the goal post, and the look on head coach Jon Gruden's face following the miss was simply priceless.

That's the face of a man who's at a complete loss for words, and honestly, it's hard to blame him.

Sure, kickers miss from that distance all of the time, but rarely do they ever miss by that much. Seriously, the kick might have actually made it to the sidelines if it was backed up just a few more yards.

It's just one of those games for the Raiders where no matter how much they try, nothing goes right.