VIDEO: Jon Gruden Appears to Play Pass Defense With a Sheet of Paper Sunday vs Packers

In Week 7, Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders got absolutely torched by Aaron Rodgers, who threw for five touchdowns and 429 yards in the Packers' 42-24 victory. Perhaps Coach Chucky sensed that his cornerbacks would have an incredibly tough time dealing with Rodgers throughout the game; on one play, it appears that Gruden tried to distract a Packers receiver using non-traditional means.

Will that warrant a fine from the NFL? Probably not, as it didn't change the outcome of the game and may have been total happenstance. It's still pretty funny nonetheless, as Gruden's paperwork did a better job of defending a pass than the Raiders' cornerbacks did.

With this loss, the Packers moved to 6-1 on the season, while the Raiders dropped to 3-3. Things won't get too much easier for Gruden next week, as he has to deal with dual threat QB Deshaun Watson and the Texans.

I don't think Gruden's paper is going to be able to tackle DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller, though, so he'll have to get his cornerbacks to actually play defense this time.