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VIDEO: Joe West Goes Full Ump Show and Ejects Aaron Boone After Just 1 Inning for No Good Reason


This can't happen. I know arguing balls and strikes usually leads to an ejection, but there's no reason for Joe West, who was all the way over at third base, to throw out New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone. Take a look:

If you want the definition of ump show, Joe West just personified that. In the top of the second inning, West thought it was time to eject Boone? Get outta here.

West should've been the one ejected, especially after what went down last night.

There's no way that West could hear Boone or anyone else from the Yankee dugout chirping so loud that it warranted an ejection. The worst part is West wasn't even behind the dish, so what was he griping about?