VIDEO: Jets' Henry Anderson Appears to Take Late Cheap Shot on Bills QB Josh Allen

With referees around the NFL so quick to throw the flag on the most questionable penalties, it really makes you wonder how they miss so many blatant offenses on a weekly basis. New York Jets defensive end Henry Anderson got away with a seemingly dirty and late hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen on Sunday. More footage of the distasteful play has recently been revealed, but you'll feel relieved the second-year gunslinger wasn't injured.

Henderson literally crawled on the ground and hit Allen almost FOUR seconds after he released the ball.

What makes the cheap shot that much worse is the fact that he hit him in the back of his legs! How many times have we seen devastating injuries occur in that manner? We've genuinely lost count.

Sal Cappacio notes Henderson was also responsible for a late hit on kicker Steven Hauschka in 2018. Here's that shameful clip, plus another cheapie the Stanford product took on Allen in 2018.

In the least surprising news ever, Anderson was reportedly flagged for roughing the passer just a few plays earlier on Sunday. Let's hope that the league hears the cries of Bills Mafia on Twitter and hands Anderson a hefty dent to his wallet.