VIDEO: Jeff McNeil Officially Announces He and His Wife Have Adopted Puppy From Mets' Event

Jeff McNeil took the advice of the majority of Mets Twitter and was able to close a very important deal Friday night. No, we're not talking about the victory over the Pirates, though McNeil certainly helped run out the clock there, too. We mean that he secured the pup of his dreams after meeting him at a Mets adoption event, calling his wife (don't tell Mickey Callaway!), and uniting officially the next day.

Yes, there's now a third, furry McNeil in the bunch.

And, in case you wanted to take a look at the little one (who wouldn't?!), here's McNeil Facetiming his wife for the proper approval on Friday.

And here's the official Saturday morning reunion.

Dog the Mets all you want for turning this McNeil saga into a story while the rest of the league is talking trade rumors, but sometimes, it's okay to have fun. This little pupper sparks joy. That's all that matters.