VIDEO: Jaylen Brown Breaks a Guy's Ankles Playing Pickup With Disgusting Dribble Moves

Jaylen Brown: confirmed pick-up basketball bully? With the Raptors and Warriors getting set to kick off the 2019 NBA Finals, Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown decided to hit a gym of his own and take on some brave and fearless commonfolk. After further review, it probably would've been best if they hadn't tested Brown.

Brown toyed with this guy for a solid ten seconds, before surgically removing every single ankle bone, muscle and ligament in his body. He buried the jumper, finishing off what was an incredible show for everyone except the unfortunate player who had to match up against him.

This is a byproduct of Brown working on his handles in practice, which have gotten noticeably better since he entered the league as a raw kid from Cal.

Let's just hope this guy wasn't a Celtics fan -- if so, he must be pretty conflicted regarding No. 7.