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VIDEO: James Harden Clobbered Jae Crowder in the Nuts and Crowder Ended Up Getting Called for Foul

If the following footage doesn't confirm that James Harden flaunts a distinct advantage over other players in the NBA in terms of getting the benefit of the doubt from referees, we don't know what does. Jae Crowder was playing smothering defense against the Houston Rockets' superstar guard on Monday night. While trying to escape his clutches, Harden swiped him right across his sensitive area. Crowder was somehow called for the foul, and shortly after taking his justifiable frustrations out on the ref, he was tossed from the game.

Maybe The Beard didn't intentionally clobber Crowder in his family jewels, but he absolutely delivered an elbow to gain a step on him. That alone should be a foul.

Harden flinched after Crowder made light contact with him and the officials were convinced that was enough to warrant a whistle. To botch the call and then eject Crowder from the game for voicing his frustrations is nothing short of a travesty.