VIDEO: James Gallagher Instantly Forces Roman Salazar to Tap and Then Celebrates With Conor McGregor

Well, it didn't take The Strabaminal long to earn a victory at Bellator Dublin. James Gallagher needed just over 30 seconds of the opening round to force Roman Salazar to submit after landing a brutal guillotine submission.

Salazar tried to land a flying knee to open things up, but his plan backfired as Gallagher grabbed him in mid air and took him straight to the floor. From there, Salazar didn't stand a chance.

After his victory, the Irishman jumps out of the cage and embraces his teammate Conor McGregor who was a spectator at the event in his hometown.

Gallagher walked away completely unscathed, and his hug with McGregor probably did more damage than anything Salazar inflicted.