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VIDEO: Jameis Winston's Costly Fumble Against Seahawks is Eerily Similar to One in CFB vs Oregon

Jameis Wintson's fumble against Seahawks is eerily similar to his one against Oregon in college.

Death. Taxes. A Jameis Winston turnover in crunch time. Those are the three givens in life. On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers actually had a 21-7 lead over the Seattle Seahawks at one point. That all changed once the second half hit, as Russell Wilson came alive while Winston essentially fell asleep. In the fourth quarter with the game tied 24-24, Winston cocked back his arm for a pass. Bucs fans were soon devastating when it slipped out of his hands for a fumble, allowing Seahawks defensive end Rasheem Green to recover it and take it deep into scoring territory.

You're probably thinking, "Wow, that play by Winston sure did look familiar." Your intuition turns out to be absolutely correct.

Remember back in 2015, when Winston led the Florida State Seminoles against the Oregon Ducks for a berth in the College Football Playoff Final? That game will forever be immortalized for Winston's baffling fumble on a pass attempt, which looks eerily similar to his fumble on Sunday against the Seahawks.

Well, at least Jameis Winston can take solace in the fact that his fumble wasn't immediately returned for a touchdown on Sunday. Yay?