VIDEO: Jalen Rose Says Juwan Howard Hiring Will Bring Chris Webber and Fab Five Back to Michigan

Michigan's Fab Five during the 1990s was one of the most memorable teams ever assembled on a basketball court. And as we all know, Chris Webber and Jalen Rose's relationship hasn't been great since then. But, with Michigan's hiring of former Fab Five star Juwan Howard, we may see the band get back together in Ann Harbor.

The thought of these two coming back together to help the current Michigan squad climb back into the spotlight should excite every Wolverines fan.

The hiring of Howard alone should help, but the entire Fab Five squad coming back? We can only imagine how anxious the Michigan faithful will be as the season approaches.

The season is still a long way off, we'll still have to wait another four months or so. Michigan finished last season with a 30-7 overall record and a 15-5 conference record. After being knocked out by Texas Tech in the Sweet 16 last season, Howard will look to get this team back to the Final Four ASAP.