VIDEO: Ja Morant Almost Jumped Over Kevin Love on Insane Dunk Attempt

Ja Morant literally jumps over Kevin Love
Ja Morant literally jumps over Kevin Love

Anyone who misses watching Zion Williamson throw down vicious dunks ought to tune into the Grizzlies vs. Cavs matchup, because this is about as good as it'll ever get. What do you do when you see Ja Morant driving towards you? Well, if you're 6-10 Kevin Love, you should perhaps go up for a block, instead of trying take a charge. Otherwise, this happens.

Ja's got serious hops. Despite this dunk missing, the entire NBA world stared in awe for a moment. Morant damn near cleared Love, showing off his utterly absurd vertical.

That's as much of a poster as any dunk ever; the broadcaster got it right when he compared this dunk to Vince Carter's famous 2000 Olympics dunk over Frederic Weis.

The 20-year-old was a mere inch or two from what may have been the greatest dunk in an NBA game, arguably ever.