VIDEO: It Really Sounds Like Adam Schefter is Teasing Tom Brady Leaving the Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady could theoretically play for as long as he likes, as the defense, coaching, and offensive weapons in New England should allow them to win 12 games every year without even batting an eyelash. However, the "this is the last year for Brady" rumor mill is heating up earlier than usual in 2019, as even ESPN insider Adam Schefter has chimed in on the retirement chorus-- or is it something else entirely? Ahead of Monday Night Football at MetLife Stadium, Schefty cited the fact that Brady could become a free agent at the end of this year, as well as bringing up how he and his trainer both sold their Massachusetts houses as evidence he could be planning to jump ship.

While Brady did buy a new house in Connecticut, he is 42. While he has defied the laws of aging and physics up until this point, Father Time is going to force him out sooner or later. Considering the Pats are favorites to win it all again this season to earn Brady ring No. 7, he has a chance to go out on top.

There might be plenty of signs, but Brady is 42 and we've been witnessing this song and dance for the better part of the last decade, so I'll believe he's done when I see it.