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VIDEO: Indians' Francisco Lindor Advocates for More Netting After Foul Ball Hits 3-Year-Old in Head

The far-too-prevalent and controversial predicament of MLB's lack of safety netting emerged again on Sunday. During the sixth inning of the Indians-Royals clash, Francisco Lindor sent a 92 MPH fastball into the first base seats just beyond Kansas City's dugout. That baseball, it pains us to say, struck a three-year-old boy in the head and he was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital. Lindor advocated for more protective netting after the game.

The amount of distraught in Francisco's voice is all-too apparent.

Lindor's postgame comments summarize just how traumatized he was, but he thankfully revealed that the child is doing OK.

“He’s in the hospital right now," said the All-Star shortstop. "I came over immediately and tried to find out where he was. The paramedics were checking him here. Once I got out of the game, they let me know that he’s doing OK. He’s doing good. He’s in the hospital getting checked out. He’s talking and answering questions and his eyes look good...Hopefully, every test they run on him comes back good," he continued.

What more chilling evidence does commissioner Rob Manfred need to implement a change? The "continued discussions" aren't necessary. The fact of the matter is that nobody is truly able to defend themselves from a ball hit with such velocity -- especially infants and toddlers.

A few clubs taking matters into their own hands, though relieving, isn't anywhere close to enough.