VIDEO: Indians Catcher Roberto Perez Hilariously Tries to Frame Pitch That Bounced Before the Plate

One of the more difficult jobs of being an MLB catcher is framing pitches. The best of the best are able to turn a pitch that just missed the corner into a strike by the skill of deception. Well, Roberto Perez attempted to take things to an extreme in terms of framing, as the Tribe's backstop tried to scoop a ball up from the dirt and frame it as a strike.

A for effort, Roberto, but unfortunately the home plate umpire wasn't fooled. Perez was still as a statue while trying to frame the pitch, and if you blinked during the throw you just might have been deceived by his antics.

Adam Plutko would have been extremely appreciative if Perez had the ability to turn a one-hopper into a called strike.